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Teacher Proficiency Evaluation System


The Teacher Proficiency Evaluation System is a web application designed to help managers create evaluation forms to measure the proficiency of teachers based on the questions in the forms. The system allows consultants to log in and complete these forms to create a report after a school visit and log their findings to the system and email the results.

The system includes an analysis module, which generates an extensive understanding of the results by comparing the results by teachers, consultants, grades, schools, etc. The analysis module provides users with an in-depth understanding of the data, allowing them to identify patterns and areas for improvement.

The system also includes a Resources module, where users can upload files, videos, and tools to help consultants and other colleagues. Additionally, there is a Support module where users can upload files that would be helpful in terms of using the system.

The settings module helps managers to arrange the access control by managing the permissions of users based on their roles. The settings module also helps managers to create different forms and different questions so that the evaluation process can be performed for different levels, grades, and aspects.

Teacher Proficiency Evaluation System is an essential tool for schools and education providers. With its powerful features, including analysis and resource management, this system provides a comprehensive view of teacher proficiency while also streamlining the evaluation process for managers and consultants.