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Construction Crew Job Management System


The Construction Crew Job Management System is a web-based application designed to help users manage and schedule their jobs as construction crews for worldwide events. The system features a simplified workflow that allows users to manage their event plannings and assign teams consisting of foremen (team leaders) and tent builders (staff) to events.

The system also features a robust event management module, which allows users to manage multiple events simultaneously. The events might require multiple vehicles, multiple hotels, and multiple teams. With this module, users can easily track event details, including location, date, time, and equipment requirements.

The staff module helps the users to manage the shifts and holidays of the employees. The employee availability report shows which staff members have worked for how many days and how much they have earned.

The invoice section helps the users to create the invoices for the events automatically or manually by the users, approve the invoices and send the invoice as an e-mail attachment.

The clients also have the ability to login to the system to track the events they have ordered from the company and the invoices for these events.

One of the most important features of the system is the access control system, which allows managers to arrange permissions and user roles for different users. This ensures that only authorized users can access sensitive information or perform certain actions.

The Construction Crew Job Management System is an essential tool for any construction crew management company.